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High quality semi permanent makeup that elevates confidence.

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Our studio is one of the surest studios that get you safe, professional results.

“At the very core of Taylored Artistry is that we truly want everyone to feel their best! – I love witnessing the sheer joy on my clients faces as they feel more confident and beautiful.”

Taylor Leigh, Founder

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Before & After

We love servicing our clients to the highest degree of professionalism. No more drawing them on, smudging, smearing, thin eyebrows, and most importantly saving time.


Safe & Sanitary

We take cleanliness of our work seriously and ensure that you feel comforted in a clean studio.

The healing process varies from person to person. Some heal quickly while some heal slowly. Trust the process.

Understand the do’s and don’ts of your appointments.

Our time together is valuable and we booked out that time specifically for you! Please review our policies page for cancellations and rescheduling.

Curious about microblading & cosmetic tattoo process?

 “Am I a candidate?” – a common and necessary question.

For Women & Men

Our Brow Services

Browse complete eyebrow techniques & other beauty services like lip blushing.


We’ll interview you, brow map, discuss color and discover which technique will work best for you


We’ll numb your eyebrows and being working on them while you relax.


Upon completion, we’ll gently clean & reveal your brand new eyebrows!

Taylored Artistry

Meet our founder Taylor Leigh and learn the very passion that forms the foundation of Taylored Artistry.



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