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We’ve developed our FAQs to really answer your questions when you need them answered. Below are the most commonly asked.

It is great for sparse eyebrows, thin/overplucked, hair loss, to refine/shape, busy bodies, water proof, time saver, not efficient with makeup, and most importantly enhancing facial features.

Powder brows is a powdered filled in brow similar to the look of makeup. The tails of the brow are darker
and fade into lighter start of the brow. Great for anyone who fills in their brows with makeup. Digital
machine with micro needle(s) and lasts 1-3 years.

Combining hair like strokes in the front with powder shading on the ends of the tail, this technique creates more density in the brow, and more coverage of selected areas. It is a great option for covering up old faded tattooed brows or just the perfect add-on for a fuller look.

Since PMU pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the treated area will naturally fade overtime. This is great as styles changes. Nano Brows lasts 1-2 years and Ombre/Powder brows lasts 1-3 years. This all depends on your skin type (normal, oily, dry), sun tanning, age (youthful/mature). To maintain the brows a touch up is suggested annually.

All brow styles are beautiful and can be adjusted to look super soft or more intense. It all comes down to
which style you prefer, your skin type and various of other factors.

Microblading works BEST on these types of skin:

  • Dry skin types with tiny pores (compared to a grape), usually thin but not super thin. Not sensitive with non- translucent fair ivory skin tone and doesn’t bleed easily.
  • Normal to combination/small pores/oily (compared to an apple), usually non-translucent, ranges from light to dark skin tones, young or mature skin and doesn’t bleed easily.
  • Normal to oily skin/medium pores (compared to an apple), usually non-translucent, ranges from light to dark skin tones, young or mature skin and doesn’t bleed easily.

Microblading will NOT work well on these skin types and should opt out for ombre powder brows instead:

  • Thick oily skin/large pores (compared to an orange) It is doable but this skin texture will cause hair strokes to heal with a thicker diffused look and will not last as long as powder brows.
  • Super thin/soft/hypersensitive skin (compared to an over ripe tomato or peeled hard boil egg), usually bleeds easily and has a harder time healing. Hair strokes will appear ashy, blurred, and patchy. Powder brows is suggested.

* If you have an old tattoo that is still quite dark, the hair strokes will mesh right into the old tattoo and your results will not appear crisp as going over blank skin. If removal is not an option for you, Powder brows may be a better option to cover up/color correct/blend in your tattoo.

If the color of your permanent makeup has faded into an undesirable color such as blue, green, red hue we use a Taylored corrective color which is first tattooed over the faded permanent makeup to neutralize it.

Then right after the same session we can give you beautiful new eyebrows. The results are immediate!

Yes, you will continue to maintain the hairs outside of the eyebrow shape for the best appearance.

Cosmetic tattooing is to enhance the natural features of the client. It is much more subtle, softer and it’s a more natural looking enhancement. Body tattoos use ink while cosmetic procedures involve pigments. Pigments are designed to gently fade over time also known as semi-permanent. Fading is desired as it allows the artist to make changes to color and shape as clients natural color, facial changes, style and trend changes occur.

Taylored Artistry is very selective when working over existing tattoos. If you have had your eyebrows previously tattooed, we request that you email us clear photos for assessment to before booking an appointment so we can further access. In addition to the photos please include the date of your last brow tattoo, how many sessions you received, and the establishment name and artist who performed your service.

Due to the nature of our detailed services here at Taylored Artistry, we kindly request that no one is allowed in room. They are welcome to wait outside. Only those with appointments are allowed in the studio.

After you’ve healed:

  • For the 1st session, the entire procedure should take about 2.5 to 3 hours. The follow up visit is 4-8 weeks after the initial session will take approximately 1- 1.5 hours to complete.
  • Wear sunscreen. Exposure to the sun/tanning beds can cause premature fading and discoloration of the pigment. You can wear hats and sunglasses for further protection.
  • Maintain removal of unwanted hairs outside of your tattooed brow design by tweezing, threading, waxing for optimal appearance.
  • Avoid skin exfoliants. Use of products could deteriorate and cause fading/discoloration of pigment. It must be kept away from treated area. Examples may include but are not limited to: Benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, glycolic acid, vitamin C, retinols, Retin-A, “peels” or “brightening”
  • Do not laser around brow area. Please inform your laser technician. Laser procedures may darken, lighten the color of pigment. Continue at your own discretion.
  • To maintain the brows a touch up/color refresher is highly recommended 12-18 months.
  • At Taylored Artistry we use a topical anesthetic to help alleviate any discomfort and maximize your comfort during the cosmetic tattoo procedure. Receiving the procedure during your menstrual cycle may increase your sensitivity. Most clients have said microblading hurts more than powder brows. With topical numbing pain level 1-10 clients have said 3-4. Again, varies from person to person.
  • Machines or anything non-disposable are fully covered with disposable covers and are properly disposed of after each client.
  • Personal protective equipment are worn at all times during procedure and are properly disposed of after each client.
  • ALL stations are thoroughly disinfected after each client.

It Is recommended to avoid sweating for at least 10 days. Salt expels pigment out and will leave undesired results and complications such as uneven pigment, blurred lines and scar tissue formation.

For the 1st session, the entire procedure should take about 2.5 to 3 hours. The follow up visit is 4-8 weeks
after the initial session will take approximately 1- 1.5 hours to complete.

In order to ensure that your cosmetic tattoo heals perfectly a minimum of two treatments are required 4-8 weeks apart on average. This will give the artist the ability to correct any areas that possibly faded or allows the client to make suggestions if they want any adjustments done with the shape and color. Some individuals will require more than 2 sessions.

Touch up sessions should not be done earlier than 5 weeks after the initial appointment. Your pigment color has not fully settled into the skin. This is very important to prevent scar damage as the tissue requires time to completely heal and regenerate before tattooing it again.

Yes, a touch up session after 4-8 weeks is necessary. Everyone heals differently and outcome will vary. Some will opt out because they like how it turned out. However certain treated areas may not pick up during the initial session will require to be refilled. At this time adjusted color, thickness, and more passes can be added to refine your brows.

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